Vision and Values

We are giving ourselves locally, regionally and nationally to the seeking of His Kingdom and righteousness.

Our vision

We believe God has called us to raise up people from every sphere of influence into their rightful origin as a Son or Daughter of God.

We believe that God has called all people to no longer be orphans but to be in a local and global family.

Our heart is to see people awaken to their identity and have revelation of the Father’s goodness.

Our heart is to do life together in community where healthy families and life flourish so that we can make disciples that make disciples that make disciples.

We believe we are vessels and conduits to make disciples, equip the saints for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4), and reach the lost to see many sons and daughters return to their father.

This will be a generation that knows God and knows their identity. The victory that Jesus displayed at the cross has invited us to partake of His divine nature and become the righteousness of God in Christ which means we not only are righteous but give ourselves to living righteous and seeing His Kingdom established.

Here are key values for us as a church:

Jesus Christ is the truth about God and the truth about us

Jesus is the truth about God; He is the exact representation of the father, and He is the truth about us. As Jesus is, so we are in this world.

The Bible—We are a Bible-Based Church

We have a high value on the Word and believe we need to be living both in Spirit and in Word. The Word and Spirit need to be married together.

Worship and Prayer

Worship is a response to truth – God is looking for people who will worship in Spirit and in truth. We are a church who value prayer as not just asking but communing with our Father.

Ministry of the Holy Spirit—We are a Spirit-filled church

We believe Holy Spirit is to be known, He is not a the but a part of the trinity, we are hungry to see the fruit and gifts of Holy Spirit in its fullest.

Discipleship—We are a maturing church

We place a high value on seeing Christ formed in a person’s life, so they are able to represent and reproduce Christ in others everywhere they go. Life on life is of high value as we see disciples made and reproduced.

Family—We are a Legacy Church

From the beginning God wanted family, which is why He created us and called Himself Father. We love doing life on life together. The more Heaven is realised, the more we look like family.

Good Theology—We are a teaching church

We believe the study of God is one to be known and experienced. God is not just to be known about but to be known.

Generosity—We are a giving church

Jesus has called us to be generous. We enjoy obeying Him and being generous in all we do, with our finances, time, belongings, etc, because our lives are not our own. We aim to put this on display in all we do, because God always abundantly supplies in His Kingdom.

Mission—We are a missional church

We are all called to be missionaries everywhere we go. Whether that is overseas or in the next street, we are a sending and receiving church, on both local and global levels.

Miracles/Healings—We are a powerful church

We believe Jesus has commissioned us to do exactly as He did (Matt. 28). We believe miracles and healing are for today and as disciples of Jesus we get to partake of His divine nature in displaying the Kingdom and the authority He has given His bride.

Creativity—We are an innovative church

God spoke the world into existence and created the stars the trees and all things incredible. We believe we are called to be creative and express the nature of God through all spheres of creativity and art.

Kingdom of God

We are here to advance the Kingdom of God by sharing the Good News of the Kingdom (Matt. 24:14) and discipling nations (Matt. 28:18-20) with the power of the Kingdom (Matt. 4:22) while living the ethics of God’s Kingdom (Matt. 5-7).

Equipping the Saints

We believe the body is built up by equipping the saints (us) for the work of ministry. This happens through, teaching, activations, ministry, life on life and modelling it to each other.